3rd General Workshop - Registration

Hotel Pullman Timi Ama,
viale dei Ginepri 3
(close to Cagliari, Sardegna)
Thursday 14th June  2018
Time: 14:00
Friday 15th June  2018
Time: 17:00

Sylvie PITOT, Email: sylvie [dot] pitotatgrenoble-inp [dot] fr


Registration form:


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What is your mission during the 3rd General Workshop of NEREID? (select appropriate role)
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Thursday 14th, 2018 – Session 1 (Plenary - 14:00 – 19:00)
Thursday 14th, 2018 – Evening Event
Friday 15th, 2018 - Session 2 (Plenary - 9:00– 12:30)
Friday 15th, 2018 - Session 3 (Plenary -13:30-17:00)
Please chose the parts of the event you will join.
Please chose your wishes concerning food.
I request for a room (conditions: single use for 2 nights - arriv. June14th, depar . June 16th - half-board, including buffet breakfast and dinner)
50 single rooms for 2 nights are reserved for the Workshop and paid by NEREID at Timi Ama Hotel ((http://www.pullmanhotels.com/gb/hotel-3040-pullman-timi-ama-sardegna/ind...)), where the workshop is organised. You have the possibility to apply for a reservation above. Important: Room reservations will be granted in priority to Industrial co-leaders, Technology experts, Application experts members of NEREID Steering Committee and Advisory Board Members. The remaining rooms will be distributed to the other NEREID partners. Confirmed reservation will be noticed to you via email.
Plese insert if you have special requests or messages to the event management.