Deliverable 7.4.: Dissemination, Communication and Data Management plan update

Author: Ralf Popp, edacentrum GmbH, DE


The objective of NEREID is to define a new roadmap for Nanoelectronics in Europe covering research from Beyond CMOS to Heterogeneous Integration/More than Moore, in this way complementing the Multi-Annual Plan of ECSEL. Thus, it is leveraging the strengths and needs of the European eco-system, in order to identify early promising novel technologies and to help focusing resources on key R&D topics all along the innovation chain.

Therefore, NEREID has based its roadmap on the requirements of the European semiconductor and application industry and on the achievements of other European initiatives, in particular on the initiative “European Nanoelectronics Infrastructure for Innovation” (ENI2) and the commission’s coordination action “Ecosystems Technology and Design for Nanoelectronics” (NANOTEC). Involving a large group of industrial and academic experts, NEREID covers all TRL’s, with a clear identification of short-term objectives while the focus is set on medium- and long-term objectives and priorities.
In this context, the promotion of a wide dissemination through linked European organizations is mandatory. Thus, the roadmap has been and will be disseminated by all NEREID partners and participating academic and industrial organizations, to be used as reference for future European, regional and national research programs. Last but not least, it will contribute to the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) as its European representative. The dissemination plan in D7.2. includes a concept of data management, which has been regularly updated.

Publication Date: 2017/11/15

Location of Publication: NEREID website

Keywords: System Design; Research/Education