Deliverable 7.2: Dissemination, Communication and Data Management plan

Authors: Ralf Popp, edacentrum GmbH, DE; Jürgen Haase, edacentrum GmbH, DE; Francis Balestra, INSTITUT POLYTECHNIQUE DE GRENOBLE, FR; Sylvie Pitot, Grenoble INP, FR; Pascale Caulier, SiNANO Institute, FR


This report of the Project “NanoElectronics Roadmap for Europe: Identification and Dissemination” (NEREID) describes the project’s dissemination idea of: Starting from a dissemination subject (all publishable NEREID results including the evolving roadmap)  different dissemination actions/tools are performed to reach the dissemination objectives. Furthermore, the report is also about the project internal communication and how to manage all data during and after the project work.

Publication Date: 2016/08/30

Location of Publication: NEREID website

Keyword: Research/Education